Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Map of Ponong

My publisher's husband was a really good sport. He took my horrendous drawing of the main island of Ponong and turned it into this.

The Devil's Concubine is set on a different world, where shape shifters and shift-less folk exist together, but not comfortably. The Ponongese have venomous fangs and reptilian eyes, but don't ever call them snakes! The Thampurians are a nation of powerful merchants from the continent. Thampurians can fully shift into sea dragons. They think that makes them superior to the Ponongese, who don't shift form. The Ponongese won't say what they think of the Thampurians. At least not in mixed company. Talk like that could earn you a one way trip to the fortress.

The main island of Ponong isn't the only inhabited island in the tropical Ponong archipelago, but it's by far the biggest. That isn't why the Thampurians colonized it. They wanted control of the Ponong Fangs which is the only deep water strait through the archipelago. While the Thampurians may cling to the idea that they rule Levapur, the sole town on the island, only the plantation owners dare venture over the Jupoli Gorge Bridge to the interior. They control the rest of the island in name only. So far, the Ponongese are humoring those Thampurian delusions, but their patience is wearing thin.

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