Monday, August 11, 2014

Thank You

I wrote a forward with a list of thank yous but I don't see it in the ebook, so I need to publicly thank:

William (correct me if this is wrong) who takes my terrible attempts at maps and makes them wonderful.

Nan Andrews - who gives me some of the best, on point critiques of my work. She makes everything I do better. Plus she's willing to read the version before the good version, which takes a lot of time, and talk through it in detail with me with is so generous and amazing that the words thank you seem inadequate.There's that writer's ego where you want people to be into your work, but when it's another writer, the conversation is like attending a master class where you're the only student.

Ali Magnum (don't know if you want your real name here) who, like Nan, donates her time and energy to help me make my work better. I originally wrote a terrible, awful,embarrassingly crappy final chapter because, frankly, I wanted to wrap it up and get it to my publisher. Ali whacked my nose with a rolled-up newspaper and told me to fix it or else. It really was crap, and she was right to point it out. She also finds all my typos. Do you have any idea what that's worth on the open market? And she just gives it to me. Amazing.

D.L. King - who is my biggest fan. But not in that creepy Misery kind of way.Yet. But she's always such a supporter of my writing and has been for years.

Dorothy - my publisher, who makes me happily published. You have no idea how rare that is. We have a great working relationship (at least I think so) and she has such enthusiasm for this series that I feel quite special. I know she publishes other writers, but she gives me so much attention that it doesn't seem like it.

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