Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The New Doctor Is Here!

Are you surprised I'm a Whovian? There seems to be a lot of crossover from the Sherlock Holmes fandom. (proof: 10 and 28) People with curious minds need their fixes. (I also watch Supernatural, House of Cards,  MLS games, Premiership games, and plan to watch Orphan Black. So now you know my entire TV schedule.)

Yeah, a female Doctor would have been cool, but I'm fine with another dude, especially when it's this guy:

But some fans are complaining. And saying terrible things and the poor guy hasn't even had a chance yet. But if you've seen his work, you're probably going, "Oh. Yeah. I can totally see that."

Besides, he's a lifelong fan! How cool is that?

"He's too old." Too old for what? He's playing a character who, gosh, what was the Doctor's last stated age? 1013? Something like that? How can Peter Capaldi be too old to play 1013? I swear he doesn't look a day over 700.  ;)

"Unattractive" Uh. Are we looking at the same guy? He's much more attractive when he's talking, because he sounds smart. And as Sherlock fans know, brainy is the new sexy.

"Bad choice." Anyone who saw his amazing performance in Torchwood: Children of Earth would not say he's a bad choice. Listen, I never watch the credits to find an actor's name at the end of a show, with two exceptions: I watched the credits of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy to find out who played Peter Guillam (that was the first time I'd seen Benedict Cumberbatch), and to find out who played John Frobisher in Children of Earth. Since then, it's been a game of spotting him in other shows, and I'm always so impressed. When I heard he was the new Doctor, I was thrilled.  I can't wait to see what kinds of stories they build around him because different Doctors tend to spark different work from the writing staff.

And speaking of writers, all my Whovian writer friends (legion!) are dancing in the street over this choice (in our introverted, wouldn't be caught dead outside our writing lairs or dancing kind of way). If writers are excited by the character possibilities, so should normal fans.

Give the new Doctor a chance. You know you're going to love him soon, more than Daleks love to exterminate.

BTW - Still not a ginger.

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