Saturday, May 4, 2013

Only On Ponong

I'm trying to decide if I should create a glossary of terms I use in the Devil of Ponong series.

I see them in many otherworld novels, but I usually figure out what's meant in context so I rarely flip back to them. Do you? Do you like to have a handy reference so you can tell your tamtuk from your tiuhun? (Tamtuk - meat filled fried fritter) (Tiuhun - healing tea made from the leaves or bark of the tiuhun tree)

And do you like extended explanations? I could write one sentence on maishun spirits or several paragraphs.

QuiTai's personal goddess is the Oracle, and Hunt is mentioned, but what other deities inhabit the Ponongese pantheon? And what about the Thampurians? They have the Goddess of Mercy and Erykoli (the goddess of the sea)

I'd like to be as accommodating to readers as possible, so if you have a preference or are curious about something, let me know!  


  1. I tend to go back to glossaries in print sci-fi/fantasy books. However, if it's an ebook, perhaps it might be best to have an online version of it somewhere.

    Then again, my own ebooks have glossaries galore and some readers seem to like those.

  2. Heather - good idea. Maybe I'll post it here. It can be my adjunct brain.