Monday, May 6, 2013

The Devil Incarnate

When I told my publisher that Devil's Concubine was the first of a series, she said, "How soon can you have the next book to me?"I love that faith in the series!

Thankfully, I'd already written the first draft of Devil Incarnate. We pressed through edits so it could be released soon after Devil's Concubine.

I almost posted the first line of Devil Incarnate but realized it contained a huge spoiler, so I'll just toss out a little teaser blurb:

Set in the days immediately following DC, QuiTai faces an enemy unlike anyone she's ever met. He's as brilliant, cunning, and ruthless as she is. These two grand masters of  manipulation pit their wits against each other in a high stakes game of power and influence over Ponong's future. QuiTai has to win, no matter the cost.

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