Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tempt the Devil

Spent most of this weekend working on Tempt the Devil.

Kyam's wife and QuiTai had a chat. That was a fun scene. Their talk was friendly, for the most part. But Kyam was quick to remind his wife that QuiTai is not someone she should mess with. (another fun scene to write). Meanwhile, QuiTai is trying to solve a murder, because if she doesn't find the killer, she'll probably hang for it. The last thing she needs is Kyam's wife trying to drag her into one of Grandfather Zul's schemes while she's trying to find a killer.

I've read hundreds of murder mysteries, from cozy to police procedural. You'd think I'd know how to chart out an investigation by now. QuiTai and I are figuring this one out together.

Things I have to keep in mind: How advanced their forensic technology is (not very), the limitations of QuiTai's network of informants, and perhaps the most important-- why would anyone in the colonial government want to believe her solution?

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